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Leaders Jerseys

Sam Miranda Tour of the King Valley Leaders Jersey - Maglia Rosata worn by the leading rider on General Classification. The outright winner shall be the rider who completes the course in the least time taking into account the deduction of time bonuses and any penalties that may be issued.

                          Tour Leader                                        

Thule King & Queen of the Mountain - Maglia Della Montagna worn by the leading rider in the King/Queen of the Mountain Classification. The KOM /QOM classification will be determined by the rider who accumulates the highest number of points from the designated mountain sprints in the tour.

Mountain Champion

Multicolor Sprint King & Queen - Maglia Verde worn by the leading rider in the Sprint Classification. The Sprint Classification will be awarded to the rider with the highest aggregate number of points, accumulated from intermediate sprints and stage finishes.

Sprint Champion


Power2Max Under 21 - Maglia Bambino worn by the leading Under 21 rider on General Classification. The Young Riders classification will be determined by placings on the individual GC by riders born on or after January 1st 1996. 

Under 21

The Commercial Club Albury Most Aggressive Rider - After each stage a panel comprising the Race Director and Commissaires will award the Most Aggressive Rider jersey to the rider who has best displayed the most assertive tactics. The award will be based on the panel’s opinions on which rider in the peloton best attempted to control the day’s racing, achieve a stage victory or was involved in spirited attacks during the stage.

 Most Aggressive

Champion System Leading Team - Presented to the  Teams Classification Winner. The team general classification shall be calculated on the basis of the sum of the three best individual times from each team in each stage ridden.

Leading Team