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A cycling tragic who aspires to great things on the bike but has never achieved them! Riding has become part of my life style for recreation, fitness and some fringe racing but my main aim is to balance my eating and drinking of good food and wine! Isn’t that all of us?

I have ridden almost all forms of bikes from my very early days on a chrome Mongoose with the first ever plastic Tuff wheels! Riding Track introduced me to skinny tyres and drop handlebars. And now with a couple of State Cyclocross rounds run through our very own Winery, it would be crazy for me not to jump on that bandwagon too. I have also been known to throw my leg over a Mountain Bike from time to time, racing and making the most of the many trails we are lucky to have so close to home! But for the moment I am more than happy to go out and put in the hard yards doing big kms on my road bike, keeping fit or working on my sock tan!

Riding has provided me with some of my most memorable experiences. Recent trips to France and Italy where I rode some of the more famous mountain climbs like Mount Galibier, Mount Ventoux, Alp D’ huez and Monte Grappa. Following Cadel Evans for the last 6 stages of the 2011 Tour De France would have to my highlight so far!

Events that I have enjoyed the most are completing a couple of solo efforts at the Rosewhite 12 hour, being part of a team in the Canberra Mt Stromlo 24-hour, Alpine Audax, Wangaratta track racing.
For now I’m enjoying racing in our own events: The Sam Miranda Road Race, Gran Fondo and the Cyclocross are held right here in the King Valley and through our winery!

  • Dream Bike: Something individual, and Titanium! 
  • Anything you want to ride more of: Staff think I should throw my leg over a Mountain Bike more often! 
  • Favourite post ride pleasure: Coffee, Prosecco and a lazy lunch!

One for your calander in 2019 - Sam Miranda Tour of King Valley, VIC October 11 – 13! More details to come.