Sam Miranda Tannat 2009


The Wine
Displaying powerful berry fruit flavours and subtle yet distinct tannins which is
the hallmark of this unique variety. A wine that can be enjoyed over the next
15+ years

Handpicked and fermented in 2 tonne open fermenters over 10 days and then
barrel aged for 36 month. A variety that has a monstrous reputation that
needed that extra time to mature!

Tannat is the one of the main red varieties of the South West of France where it is an important component of the blends of Madiran, Tursan, Bearn, Cahors, Cotes du Brulhois, Cotes de St-Mont, and Irouleguy. Whilst these wines have not achieved the fame of those from the adjacent Bordeaux, they nevertheless are highly individualist and have for a long time had a significant following in France. The wines have until recently been generally sturdy in style, and suited to aging, although as Jancis Robinson remarks ‘these liquid treasures are rarely given the time they need to develop’. In recent years, modern wine making techniques used by the better producers make softer and fruitier styles, and these are achieving international recognition as top class wines. Tannat is also a major variety in Uruguay where the Basque settlers took it in the 19th century. In the warmer climate of this country, the grapes are allowed to ripen more, and the wines are both softer and richer. Tannat is a demanding variety in the vineyard where it tends to overcrop with tight large bunches. Consequently, it requires extensive shoot and bunch thinning in our vineyard to achieve rapid ripening to the levels achieved in Uruguay.



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Sam Miranda

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Grape Variety

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Growing Region
King Valley

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