Spritz Kit

This Spritz Kit has everything you need to make our cellar door favourite in the comfort of your own home!

 1x SMKV Prosecco

1x SMKV Prosato

1x Bilsons Cordial

1x Bilsons Lemonade Can

1x SMKV Bling Gold Wine Topper

1x  SMKV Carry Bag or SMKV Apron

1x 200g Pkt Persian FairyFloss

1x Pkt Black/White Straws


Merch Product

Pink Carry Bag, Apron

Strawberry & Mint Prosato Cocktail Recipe


½ cup of ice

3 strawberries cut in half

250ml of Sam Miranda Prosato

30ml of Bilson’s Strawberry and Mint Cordial

1 scoop of apple sorbet

2 sprigs of mint (to garnish)

1 twill of rose fairy floss (to garnish)


Place ice and 2 strawberries into a glass.

Pour Prosato over the ice.

Add Apple sorbet and Bilson’s Strawberry and Mint Cordial, top with Bilsons Lemonade.

Garnish with sprigs of mint, fairy floss and strawberry. ­­­­­­

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